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noon mat class webStart the year off right! Learn to breath better, melt away tension, align, mobilize and strengthen your core and spine! We have over 100 joints between our tail and our head when you include the ribs. They need to be moved daily for life-long health. For the month of January, all of our mat classes will have a special emphasis on movement for a healthy spine. Same great mat classes - full body conditioning, strengthening, toning and stretching - plus an added focus to help you keep your core and spine healthy for life! You’ll also learn standing exercises and tools to balance out the effects our modern work habits and lifestyle have on our bodies. Visit our web site for our real-time schedule!

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”
- Joseph Pilates

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$210 - 20 Pass $30 discount!
$120 - 10 Pass $20 discount!

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What a wonderful place! Quality instructors from various backgrounds, each one a health advocate in their own way.

Dawn V

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