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Module 1: May 16 - 20, 2018
Module 2: September 20 - 23, 2018
Module 3: November 29 - Dec 2, 2018
Module 4: January 24 - 27, 2019
Module 5: March 21- 24, 2019

Take your movement potential, teaching, and health to the next level! Experience the Franklin Method approaches of Imagery - the key body/mind skill - Experiential Anatomy and Reconditioning Movement. In Level 1, you will learn about the basics of Imagery in all its applications. Especially the bone-rhythms of the body and how the bones naturally move inside your body to produce efficient and effortless movement. Plus, we cover fundamentals such as biomechanics, posture and breathing. At the end of the course you receive a certificate and the skills to teach Franklin Method workshops.

What you will learn:
• Dynamic Imagery for rapid improvement in movement and alignment.
• The Franklin Method® Bone Rhythms for whole body coordination and efficiency, imaging the movement of the bones in real time for optimal design activation.
• How to feel great in your body in minutes and how to teach that skill to others.
• The mastery of the best cuing skills for successful and enjoyable teaching.
• Practical insights into the embodiment of function; from biomechanical synchronization to movement excellence.
• How to train to go from average to outstanding.
• How to teach cutting edge functional anatomy in an embodied manner.
• Effective, fun and practical exercise series using Franklin balls and bands.

"The Franklin Training is the most intelligent approach to learning about the workings of the body I have ever attended. It is not just information, it is the experience of our design as we learn, that is transforming."
- Tom McCook, Pilates Master Instructor

What you will receive after graduating:
• 5 Franklin Method workshops including Pelvic Power, Imagery for a Healthy Spine, Relax your Neck & Liberate your Shoulders...
• 35 mini workshops on the above topics that help you integrate the Franklin Method into your fitness, yoga, dance class or the rehab setting.

Who can attend?

This is open to anyone wanting to learn how to be healthier and access their full movement potential! It is also an amazing continuing education opportunity for Pilates, fitness, body/mind, and rehab educators

Meeting Times

9:30am - 5:30pm

"The Franklin Method will do more to improve your teaching of any kind of movement than any other system or program I have studied. If you want to become the best teacher you can be, take this program."
- Nora St. John, Balanced Body


Center of Balance, Mountain View CA
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Center of Balance is an internationally-recognized learning destination and teacher training center, specializing in Pilates, Yoga, CoreAlign, Franklin Method®, BodyCode System and Body Therapy. Students and teachers from throughout the Bay area — and as far as Europe and Asia — travel to our Mountain View studio for training and continuing education.

About Tom

tom 2015 staff

Tom McCook, founder and director of Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA, is an internationally recognized fitness and movement specialist. Beginning his full time career in personal training in 1984, Tom designs programs for health and life performance for working professionals, people rehabilitating from injuries and world-class athletes including Olympic Gold Medal swimmers Natalie Coughlin, Jenny Thompson and Misty Hyman. Teaching Pilates since 1995, Tom is a Master Instructor of Pilates and CoreAlign for Balanced Body. His teaching approach integrates several mind/body practices including Pilates, yoga, Shiatsu, resistance stretching, Franklin Method, BodyCode System and life coaching. He also is committed to his own daily meditation and movement practice, which broadens his perspective and effectiveness as a teacher. Tom is a sought-after instructor at conferences, retreats and workshops he leads in the US and internationally. His work has been featured in several national magazines, newspapers and television programs. In 2003, Tom produced the exercise video “Combining Pilates & Yoga for Balance.”

About MortenMortenweb

Morten Dithmer has been part of the Franklin Method over the last 15 years. He has been instrumental in developing the presence of the Franklin Method in many areas of the world like Asia, Australia, Canada and Scandinavia. He is a Master Franklin Teacher Trainer, as well as the director for the Franklin Method Asia.

Morten is a Franklin Teacher Trainer and teaches worldwide. Morten brings a potent mix of experience from dance, osteopathy, martial arts and comedy to his teaching. He was trained as a dancer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland, with a career in the performing arts extending over 20 years. He is an instructor in osteopathic bodywork, and holds a 3rd degree black belt and teacher’s license in Aikido, a martial art.Morten has among others taught at; Juilliard School NY, Royal Danish Ballet, Circus De Soleil, Madrid Conservatory of the Arts, LADMMI Montreal, Hong Kong Modern Dance School, The Nike Conference, Taipei University of Arts, Ecole De Danse Quebec, Laban School of Dance London. Morten is based in Denmark.

Cost & Registration

$4800 - $4500 early bird special pay in full by 1/15/2018!

$750 non-refundable deposit is due with registration, and the balance is due by 4/1/2018.

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Cancellation Policy

We are taking great care to ensure that your training will be positive and rewarding. We have covered all costs for each student well in advance of the course. Please take the time to review our cancellation policy:

• The $750 deposit is non-refundable.
• Before February 15, full refund minus the deposit.
• Between February 15 and April 1, 50% refund after deducting the deposit.
• No refund after April 1.

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I love feeling the changes in my body in such a short time!

Cheryl H

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