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workshopContinue your learning! Workshops offered at Center of Balance are engaging and practical. You’ll gain a better understanding of function and apply it to exercise and movement, so you can become more skillful in any activity you perform. Our goal is to help you become fit, as well as take care of your body and wellbeing for a lifetime. Expert instructors offer their passion and knowledge to encourage you to explore healthy movement with new awareness. Our workshops are safe and beneficial for all levels of experience. For instructors, our workshops are a great way to develop new teaching skills and take tools with you to share with your clients. Plus we offer CECs to help you keep current with your certifications.

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bodycodeWednesdays, 6pm - 7:15pm

2015 Class Meets: 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11

Experience Elvis, specially designed to help improve function and conditioning by strengthening and stretching in a spherical, three-dimensional motion. The rhythmic exercises and integrated breathing techniques work your body from the inside out, giving you a total tune-up! It’s part of the innovative ArtForm and BodyCode exercise system designed by Pino Carbone of Italy.

Some of the benefits of Elvis include:

    • Full-body spherical workout emanating from the core
    • Mobilization and lubrication of the spine and joints
    • Enhanced functional strength and flexibility
    • Healthier movement patterns
    • Improved balance and posture


2015 Workshop Series (January, March, April, May)

franklin method

Experience the profound benefits of imagery and experiential anatomy! Discover why the Franklin Method is cutting-edge in movement education. Join Level 3 Franklin Method Educator Tom McCook for this series of workshops to help you get the most out of your movement practice and enhance your teaching techniques. Learn to heal imbalances, improve posture, strength and flexibility by understanding optimal function. These workshops are a preview of the upcoming Franklin Method Training beginning in May 2015, co-taught by Tom McCook and Morten Dithmer at Center of Balance!


Franklin logo newGet the Pelvic Power online for FREE!
if you register for the Franklin Method Level 1 Training by January 15
$600 Value!

Do you want to:

• Increase your core's strength and endurance?
• Increase your knowledge of the functions of the pelvis?

• Release the tension in your pelvis and gain more hip flexibility?
• Improve your posture and align your pelvis?
• Feel more relaxed and centered?

Based on Eric Franklin’s renowned and popular book Pelvic Power, this new Pelvic Power online course is fully based on the core Franklin Method® principles and will help you unleash the power of your pelvis by using mind and body concepts to improve your overall well-being. It includes valuable videos that break down the essential mind & body concepts. You also join in on a full live video Pelvic Power workshop with an in-depth training on the pelvic, exercises and mind and body concepts. The course also includes 17 companion, targeted exercise videos.

This course is valued at $600. We are offering it for FREE if you register for Center of Balance's Level 1 Training before January 15, 2015! Read here for more information on the Franklin Method Level 1 Training at Center of Balance

January 24 - 25, 2015 new dates!KClippinger

We're excited to welcome back movement specialist Karen Clippinger to Center of Balance for these two excellent workshops!

Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates - Saturday 1/24
Walking Biomechanics and Pilates - Sunday, 1/25



Fridays, 9:30am - 10:30am

mind-body  •  cardio  •  strength  •  totally unique!
Step into functional fitness at its best! In this fast-paced, focused, and challenging small group workout, you’ll practice full body exercises focused on conditioning, core stability, balance and alignment. The CoreAlign system is a uniquely innovative mind-body system with many benefits:      
    • Core-controlled aerobic training
    • Improved sports performance
    • Effective stretching                                    
    • Dramatic muscle toning
    • Postural training
    • Improved Mind-Body connection
Note: Please wear socks or clean, flexible-soled indoor shoes.


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