CoreAlign Teacher Training

Teacher Training   •   5-Week Intensive

"A fabulous weekend! I feel fully prepared and ready to teach on the CoreAlign. It was also personally validating to me of the depth of my skill and experience as a teacher of movement. Tom McCook did an outstanding job of presenting the material in its inaugural weekend."
- CoreAlign student

Learn this amazing innovation in functional movement education! A significant addition to a Pilates studio or personal training practice, CoreAlign training aims to stimulate the central nervous system to govern challenging natural whole-body-movements while creating a blend of flexibility, stability, strength and control. This teacher training program through Balanced Body is recommended for Pilates instructors, movement educators and Physical Therapists who are looking to expand their skills and tools for working with different client populations.

Completion of CoreAlign 1 & 2 are required for the Master Trainer education program.


2016 Course Schedule

CORE/ALIGN 1 May 14 & 15
CORE/ALIGN 2 June 11 & 12
5-WEEK INTENSIVE Please Inquire

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CoreAlign 1

May 14 & 15, 2016

CoreAlign Teacher Training

CoreAlign 1 introduces you to the biomechanical foundation of the HoffmanConcept method and to the essential components of full body standing stability and mobility training, as well as assessing and correcting alignment and weight transferal during functional full body movements from the standing position. Essential safety information and a set of 44 basic exercises are included for teaching these key principles to your clients and classes.

CoreAlign 1 includes an introduction to the CoreAlign unit including set up and safety, plus beginning exercises, program sequencing and teaching tips for group classes. By the end of the course you will be able to teach beginning CoreAlign classes or personal training sessions.

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CoreAlign 2

June 11 & 12, 2016

CoreAlign Teacher Training

This course teaches a repertoire of 70+ unique and practical CoreAlign 2 exercises, covering a wide variety of human movement aspects. The purpose of this course is to consolidate the concept and broaden the range of exercises which can be used with the CoreAlign unit.

During the course, each CoreAlign 2 exercise will be taught with the following aids:

  • Oral discussion as to the significance of the exercise
  • Practical demonstration
  • Monitored practice using the CoreAlign unit

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CoreAlign 5-Week Intensive with Tom McCook

Inquire about our next CoreAlign 5-week intensive with Tom!

Practice the innovation! This 5-Week Intensive offers CoreAlign teachers in training and experienced CoreAlign students an opportunity to develop their skills and embody the exercises and concepts learned from the weekend teacher training modules. A key to understanding and getting the most out of this pioneering system is consistency of practice - Develop yourself in a supportive and rich learning environment!

Note: Movements on the CoreAlign are performed with exercise shoes. Please bring clean sneakers to use on the CoreAlign.

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