• I've been working with Tom since 2004 and truly believe that his unique style of teaching and exercises helped me earn my 12 medals in the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics.

    – Natalie Coughlin,
    Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

  • Tom's Pilates and Yoga program played a significant role in my success. He helped me move more efficiently in the water, avoid injuries, and improve my functional strength.

    – Misty Hyman,
    Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

  • The Center of Balance is a great place for people from all walks of life, for healthy individuals looking for core strength, for athletes, dancers, for people with injuries, people recovering from illness etc.

    – Sarah W

  • Thanks to working with terrific trainers at Center of Balance, I did not become exhausted wandering at the San Jose Jazz Festival last weekend and, literally, felt no pain.

    – Fran

  • After two babies, I suffered chronic hip pain that disappeared after strengthening my core and increasing flexibility through Tom's workout.

    – Rozanne D

  • The Center of Balance and its teachers helped change my life. Not only am I 20 lbs lighter with better tone and strength in my muscles, but I have learned more about the human body and how it works than I ever did in any science class.

    – Monica S

  • I've gained a greater understanding of Pilates including the core, breathing, and engaging of muscles. I leave class feeling stretched and as if I've worked, but also energized and aligned. I love it!

    – Hollie H

About Center of Balance

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Check Out CoreAlign

Center of Balance is excited to be one of the first studios to enhance our movement program with the CoreAlign System.

Check Out CoreAlign

4 Teacher Training Passing the Torch

Take Our Teacher Training

Center of Balance has been a leading teacher training center since 2001, with Pilates mat & equipment and CoreAlign courses directed by Tom McCook.

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Upcoming Events & Updates

La Avenida Map smallOur new home will be at 1110 La Avenida - just one street over!

Click the map to enlarge it

Tentative move date - end of October!

Check out photos of the renovations on Facebook!

We're excited to let you know that our new home will be one street over at 1110 La Avenida - You can almost see it from our current building! We are underway with our build-out and renovations; it's another big open warehouse space with lots of opportunity for upgrades. We're increasing our size to approximately 5,000 square feet and it will be open and airy with plenty of natural light! Stay tuned as we share photos of our progress!

hardhat smallSome features of our new Studio:

  • 3 studio rooms all with bamboo flooring, 20' high ceilings, and skylights! We'll now have two separate equipment rooms for private sessions and groups. Our new mat room can be partitioned to offer two smaller classes simultaneously.
  • 5, that's right, 5 bathrooms! No long waiting lines between classes!
  • 1 Women's and 1 Men's shower
  • 3 Treatment rooms for bodywork
  • Climate control for those super hot and cold days!

We're looking forward to having all of you join us as we move to our new home, so we can continue to offer you a sanctuary for your fitness and well-being in the Bay area! We're really excited to share our next chapter with you!

In health,
Karen, Tom and all of us at Center of Balance

Sunday, October 4

10am - 12pm

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group corealign fishbowl 6 webStep into functional fitness at its best! Experience the CoreAlign system in a small group setting, where you’ll focus on conditioning, core stability and alignment during a full body workout. CoreAlign exercises resemble movements in life, like walking and running, which give instant feedback and get you to turn your body on. You’ll address common imbalances in areas of the body — lower back, hips, legs, spine – which can result from our modern lifestyle of too much sitting.

Intro to CoreAlign is a great way to supplement your training, as well as enhance your other movement practices. This workshop is a great prep for students interested in joining an ongoing CoreAlign group.

Friday, October 30, 2015

4pm - 7pm

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eagle_armswebLearn how to stretch effectively! In this workshop, you’ll expand your understanding and ability to improve functional flexibility and structural balance. You’ll learn the importance of alignment, joint mobility, opposition, resistance, mental focus, breathing, and awareness. This workshop will help you become a better mover and learn how to identify what stretches are best for you to balance out your body. We will begin with Franklin Method warm-ups to awaken the brain-body connection, followed by movement and stretching techniques to improve flexibility, stability and strength. We’ll use balls and bands to enhance your experience. This workshop will help you become a better mover as well as enhance your Yoga, Pilates, athletic pursuits, and overall health. Come learn how to reduce stress, relieve tension, and feel calm and energized! PMA & ACE CECs offered!

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Join Tom for a complete, full body, balanced set of the Pilates Chair Repertoire combined with Franklin Method techniques! In this 1 hour workshop, Tom McCook will take you through a complete, full body, balanced set of the Pilates Chair repertoire. You’ll learn proper chair set up, movement and skillful hands-on cuing for each exercise. You will also learn ways to help your clients better organize their bodies and minds, applying proper form for efficiency and an overall positive movement experience. Complimenting the Pilates Chair work, Tom will blend in a Franklin Method lesson on the hip joint to improve function, posture and movement potential. This is a valuable continuing education workshop that can help you bring a fresh approach to designing exciting new mind-body conditioning programs for your clients!

Cost: $39

Order Tom's online workshop from Fusion Pilates!

First Thursday of each month

12 pm - 1pm

Take Pilates class & help others!

Join us the first Thursday of every month for Tom’s Pilates Progression mat class and help support the important work of human rights, environmental and community development organizations! Center of Balance will donate 100% of money collected for class — plus any additional contributions — to Second Harvest Food Bank, Sierra Club and Oxfam America!

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Balanced Body Dealer Discount

Center of Balance is an official dealer for Balanced Body®. We can order any of their products at a discounted price.


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