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We offer mat classes in Pilates, as well as Pilates & Yoga combo classes. Mat classes are a solid workout and a safe, effective way to become more fit and flexible. Plus, they’re a great option for maintaining a consistent movement practice with our convenient lunchtime, evening and Saturday morning schedule. Check our class schedule for days and times! (Please note: Class schedule is subject to change without notice)

All of our mat classes are drop-in and open to all levels — instructors offer modifications for those who are beginning and variations for more advanced students. In this way, we can have all levels in class. If you have any injuries or movement limitations, we highly recommend taking private sessions for assessment and guidance before taking mat class.

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Mat Class Descriptions

Intro to Pilates Mat

Perfect for newcomers, as well as students looking to review and refine their understanding, this is a great starting and returning point for your Pilates practice! You’ll learn the fundamentals and proper technique of Pilates mat, focusing on body connections, breathing, alignment and awareness. Experience how Pilates can help you increase spinal flexibility, get stronger, and improve your posture. Learn how to move with more ease, and help your body be more capable for physical activity. Private sessions using both the mat and the equipment are available by appointment.

Pilates Progression

Get smarter and more balanced in your body! This class focuses on proper alignment and form, so you get the most out of each exercise, while teaching how to get deep core conditioning for strength, flexibility and tone. Including joint mobility warm-ups to increase body awareness and release tension, you’ll practice a balanced workout flow of Pilates and active stretching exercises. You’ll leave class feeling more open, flexible, strong and confident! Private sessions using both the mat and the equipment are available by appointment.

Intermediate Pilates Progression

Increasing the challenge, pace and flow of Pilates excercise sequences, this class continues to emphasize proper aligment and form. Appropriate for students with a solid understanding of Pilates fundamentals and beginning exercises. Private sessions using both the mat and the equipment are available by appointment.

Pilates & Yoga Progression

Highlighting muscle activation, breathing and proper alignment, this class blends core-based Pilates mat and Yoga postures for a complete movement and conditioning workout. You’ll learn functional exercise progressions for each part of the body, resistance stretching, and use of props to broaden your options and challenge. You’ll learn to move with grace and develop flexibility, strength and balance. Modifications and variations of exercises are taught to make this class accessible for all levels.


Experience the many benefits of yoga! This well-rounded class is designed to balance, strengthen and energize your body and mind. Focusing on proper alignment and form, you’ll practice traditional yoga poses, breathing exercises, balance work and meditation. This class is an excellent place to begin your yoga practice, as well as deepen your learning.

Movement & Stillness

Enliven your body and quiet your mind! In this movement and meditation class, we’ll experience the many benefits of combining Pilates, Yoga and the Franklin Method, followed by a meditation practice. Release tension, move your body, breathe deeply and meditate in community. Come join us for this class to deepen our connection to ourselves and each other! We encourage you to bring your own meditation cushion or pillow.

Pricing for Mat Classes

First-time Special $50 for 5 classes ($30 savings!)
Drop-in $19 /class
Student Rate $13 /class
5-Pass $80 (expires in 180 days)
10-Pass $140 (expires in 180 days)
20-Pass $240 (expires in 180 days)
30 Day Unlimited Pass $140 (expires in 30 days)

Mat Class Schedule (Drop-in, Open Level)

Note: Schedule or teacher subject to change without notice.

Happy Thanksgiving!
In observation of the holiday, the studio will be open only for scheduled appointments and the following drop-in mat class schedule:
• No class 6pm Wed 11/26 thru Fri 11/28
• There will be class at 12pm on Wed 11/26 and on Sat 11/29 - Join us!

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12pm - 1pm Intro to Pilates Mat AnnaLena Thilderkvist
6pm - 7:30pm Pilates & Yoga Progression Owen Grady
12pm - 1pm Pilates Progression Tom McCook
12pm - 1pm Pilates Progression Amy Moore
6pm - 7:15pm Yoga Evangeline Williams
12pm - 1pm Pilates Progression   Tom McCook
12pm - 1pm Pilates Progression Evangeline Williams
9am - 10am Pilates Progression Amy Moore

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