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Tom McCook

Co-owner & Director, Instructor

tomheadshotwebTom is an internationally recognized Pilates Master Teacher and movement specialist. Beginning his full-time career in personal training in 1984, Tom designs programs for health and life performance for a range of clients, from Silicon Valley executives and Olympic athletes, to active seniors and people looking for solutions to their imbalances and injuries. Tom's unique approach synthesizes over 30 years of fitness training, Pilates, body therapy, Somatics, the Franklin Method of experiential anatomy and imagery, anatomy in motion, meditation and Life Coaching. His fascination with movement began at an early age playing sports and growing up in a large athletic family with 11 siblings. Tom's teaching focus is to inspire and empower people to access their mind/body intelligence with a practical understanding of their own anatomy through mindful movement and consistent practice. These skills go beyond exercise to cultivate presence, dignity and being responsive and resilient in life. His long and successful history working with athletes include the Stanford women's swim team and four Olympic Gold medal swimmers.

Tom has been leading teacher trainings in the Pilates Method since 2001 at Center of Balance, recognized as a premier movement, body therapy and education center. Tom is part of the teacher training faculty for Balanced Body for PIlates, CoreAlign and the Bodhi suspension system. Tom is also a sought-after international presenter at conferences, retreats and studios worldwide. He is on the teaching staff for the Franklin Method Institute, a groundbreaking education system for improving movement potential, health and mind/body mastery. Tom also reaches an international student audience through his online classes and tutorials on Tom lives on the coast outside of San Francisco with his wife and business partner, Karen deMoor.

Hear more about Tom's life story, inspirations and philosophy on the Mindful Movement's podcast

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Karen deMoor

Co-owner & Business Manager

Karen deMoorTogether with Tom, Karen owns and manages Center of Balance. She oversees the business, planning and financial matters of the studio as well as designs the marketing materials and maintains the website. Karen's background is in non-profit management and fundraising, communications, and international political advocacy. Her work has been mainly involved in global environmental and human rights issues. She was the Development Director of Pesticide Action Network and National Press Director for Oxfam America, an international social justice and disaster-relief agency. She holds a BA in political science from Tufts University in Boston. Karen has been practicing Pilates and Yoga since 1997, and completed PhysicalMind Institute's Initiation 101 Pilates Mat training with Tom in 2001, and Balanced Body's CoreAlign 1 & 2 in 2010.

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Owen Grady


Owen GradyOwen has been teaching Pilates and Yoga full-time in the Bay Area since 2002. He is a certified Physical Mind Institute Apparatus, Mat and Standing Pilates instructor. He began his studies and teaching of Pilates with nationally-recognized Pilates Master teacher Tom McCook, founder of Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA. He credits Tom's mentorship & coaching as key factors in his rapid development and success in teaching movement full time. In 2005, Owen began studies with Eric Franklin, founder of the Franklin Method, combining vivid imagery and experiential anatomy to help people navigate their bodies with greater ease and facility. Owen is a Level 2 Franklin Method Movement Educator. He is also certified by Pino Carbone of Body Code Systems in Bodykey instruction and completed the CoreAlign teacher training in 2010. Owen's Yoga teaching is founded on a combination of his personal practice of Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga and more recently influenced by the Core driven styles of Ana Forrest and Jill Miller, with whom Owen recently completed his Level 2 Yoga Tune Up® certification. Yoga Tune Up®, developed and created by Jill Miller, is a "whole body" regenerative fitness system integrating elements of Yoga, calisthenics and body therapy.

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Amy Moore


Amy MooreTrained by Tom McCook and certified with PhysicalMind Institute and Balanced Body University, Amy has celebrated over 14 years at Center of Balance where she continues to bring her warm, friendly teaching style and positive energy. Her skill is rooted in Functional Anatomy and traditional Pilates, influenced also by the work of Karen Clippinger and Eric Franklin. Amy is certified in all levels of CoreAlign, the Nemerov Method, and Elvis the Pelvis. She also implements FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and the associated corrective exercise protocol to progress clients toward their goals. Having experienced first-hand the benefits of alignment and functional movement, Amy collaborates with clients of all levels and life stages to reinforce optimal movement patterns and strengthen the body for daily activity.

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Ommi Pipit-Suksun


Ommi new headshot webOriginally from Thailand, Ommi is a Pilates instructor and dance educator. After graduating from the prestigious Royal Ballet School in London, where she received a full scholarship, Ommi continued with the San Francisco Ballet and then as Principal Dancer with Ballet San Jose. Pilates has always been an important part of Ommi’s dance career, especially when she was recovering from her knee injury. In 2013, she was certified in Mat Pilates and continued with her Comprehensive Pilates training program through Balanced Body with Tom McCook at Center of Balance. Currently she is working towards obtaining her MFA in Dance degree at Hollins University. Throughout her dance career, Ommi has been fascinated with the concept of mind and body connection. She loves sharing her passion of movement practice with others, and particularly enjoys learning and growing as an instructor. Ommi bridges her experience in dance with Pilates to help clients build strength and develop greater body-awareness.

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Jessica Reis


Jessica headshot final 2019 webJessica completed her comprehensive Pilates teacher training at Center of Balance with Tom McCook and Balanced Body. She was first introduced to Pilates in college where she graduated with a BFA in dance. After three years of performing and teaching professionally in New York, Jessica, along with her husband and cat, made the move to California. It was during this time that Jessica became really passionate about her Pilates practice. She started noticing the positive impact it was having on her dancing which is ultimately what inspired her to become a Pilates teacher. In addition to teaching Pilates, Jessica currently performs and teaches dance in the Bay Area. She has experienced first-hand how much Pilates can improve a person’s quality of movement, and is excited to support and inspire her clients at Center of Balance in reaching their goals.

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Jeffrey Ross



Originally from the Bay area, Jeffrey moved to Europe in the early 1980’s to dance with some of Europe’s leading ballet companies - Netherlands Dance Theater, The Hamburg Ballet and Béjart Ballet Lausanne. He started his personal Pilates practice in 1986, studying with Vesna Matthies while in Hamburg, Germany. Jeffrey was certified in Mat Pilates through Smartbody Studio in Amsterdam and then continued his Comprehensive Pilates training through Balanced Body and Tom McCook at Center of Balance. Still living in Amsterdam, Jeffrey preferred to journey to California to study with Tom, as Tom’s teaching style and view of healthy movement practice resonated with him. After some 30 years in Europe, Jeffrey has returned back to the Bay Area. His Pilates training and extensive dance experience has given him an educated eye for movement patterns. Fluidity and proper technique are elements he targets when teaching. Jeffrey’s experience, enthusiasm and genuine love for the Pilates work supports his clients in having an enjoyable and effective movement experience.

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Susi Strigl


Susi web1Susi completed her comprehensive Pilates education at Center of Balance through Balanced Body with Tom McCook and continues as an apprentice with Tom. She is from Vienna, Austria, where she studied medicine, later dentistry and finally specialized in Orthodontics. After the birth of her first baby and working on patients in her clinic, she found Pilates to be helpful in recovery, releasing tension and realigning her body. Moving to California with her three kids and husband, Susi decided to start teaching what she loves to do, Pilates! Her goal is to help clients discover the many benefits of Pilates and learn how to move and feel better in their bodies.

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Emilia Wysocka-Treder



Emilia completed the Comprehensive Balanced Body teacher training with Tom McCook and Evangeline Kochanek in 2016. She started her journey with Pilates in 2008 as a student, and after experiencing the positive health benefits in her body, she decided to become a teacher to spread her love of the method. She was certified in Pilates Mat in 2013 at Peak Pilates in Poland. In 2014, Emilia took a Pre- and Postpartum Pilates training with Stephanie Forster at Preggo Pilates and started working with new moms and moms-to-be. She finds joy in constantly improving herself as a teacher, and helping clients to get the most out of their session.

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Tali Vaknin (on maternity leave)


Tali Vaknin web

Tali has been teaching Pilates professionally since 2005, certified after her studies in Israel by the Pilates Method Alliance. In 2016, Tali received her Diploma of Osteopathy by the Israeli Institute for Applied Osteopathy. During that time she also studied medical massage therapy, and received her diploma from the Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute of Israel. Tali's approach to Pilates has been heavily influenced by a deep understanding of anatomy and bio-mechanics. This allows her to focus her Pilates sessions on clients with specific rehabilitation or post injury needs. Although not a licensed osteopath in California, she is fully licensed by the state of Israel and incorporates osteopathic philosophy and techniques into her Pilates instructing style. Tali loves instructing and challenging clients of all levels, beginners to advanced. Tali strongly believes that the human body needs to move in a functional way in order to stay in good health. She focuses attention on making sure movements are being done correctly for maximizing their impact on the body and mind.

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In Memory of Brody

BrodyFor many years, Brody was our unofficial greeter and could sometimes be found beneath the front desk conserving his energy. Gentle and sweet, he specialized in human affection and may have licked your toes in exchange for a pat on the head. Brody passed away October 2008 and we miss him dearly. We adopted him from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue, an organization in need of loving homes for rescued Labs - particularly in this tough economic climate and home foreclosure crisis, pets are now much more vulnerable to abandonment.

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