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Can I start my training with REFORMER 1?

We recommend taking the Mat training prior to REFORMER 1. Some students start with REFORMER 1, but in our experience we don't think this is the best way to approach the training process. You will begin to learn the thread of information in the Mat training that is fundamental to all of the Pilates work.

I am interested in getting my Pilates certification. How far in advance should I sign up for the courses?

That's great that you are interested in becoming a mat teacher! Our program generally begins in September with MAT 1. We have been full with a waitlist a couple of times in the past, so I would suggest signing up at least one month in advance to secure your spot.

You can always go online through the link on our Mat Teacher Training page to Balanced Body where they indicate how many spots are still available — you can monitor signups yourself.

What are the pre-requisites?

Here's a link to the pre-reqs:

My suggestion regarding the requirements is to start taking classes to feel first if this is a path you want to pursue, and also to begin practicing the exercises you will learn more deeply in the training. As with any training, the more you can commit to understanding the work, the more you will get out of it. Two weekend workshops for Mat are really just an introduction to becoming a teacher. The learning process will be much richer if you engage beyond the structured class time.

I see Anatomy is a suggested pre-requisite for the teacher training, and required to test out. Do you have suggestions where this class should be taken?

There are several options for you to receive your anatomy training — you can take a course at a local college, night school, or through Balanced Body and the Anatomy in 3D training, which is a weekend course. Anatomy in 3D is a fun, focused and practical way to learn anatomy. There are several of these courses happening around the country and you can look for upcoming schedules at www.Pilates.com.

We highly recommend checking in with Balanced Body before signing up for an anatomy course, to ensure that it will meet their requirements.

What sets your teacher training program apart from other Pilates training programs?

There are many excellent Pilates teacher trainings. One key difference with our program is that the Balanced Body curriculum is led by master instructor Tom McCook and you are exposed to Center of Balance's talented team of instructors and rich learning environment. Additionally, Tom’s extensive background in leading teacher trainings and workshops around the world provides students with a deeper learning experience.

The Balanced Body program is modular and taught in progression to help you focus on the material of each course and build on concepts being taught. We offer the full curriculum (Mat, Reformer and Apparatus) over the course of approximately nine months so you can study, practice and apply your education in a methodical process.

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