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We offer a program to help you complete your hours at Center of Balance, called “Practice Sangha,” or Practice Community. It is a program specifically for Balanced Body students actively enrolled at Center of Balance in Reformer and/or full Apparatus. The cost is $100/month and includes observation of Pilates equipment, self-practice and practice teaching hours during select times at the studio.

Our goal is to help you develop the confidence and skills to teach by providing a rich learning environment that you can be immersed in, and not work in isolation. We want for you to feel that you have a base at Center of Balance to practice, observe and collaborate with others and learn from the talented teachers at the studio.

Depending on space, you can sign up for Practice Sangha directly with Center of Balance and may begin any time after REFORMER 1 is completed. You will need to carry your own liability insurance and have Center of Balance listed as “additionally insured” on your policy. We can help you with the process.

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The Center of Balance and its teachers helped change my life.

Monica S

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Center of Balance is an official dealer for Balanced Body®. We can order any of their products at a discounted price.


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