• I've been working with Tom since 2004 and truly believe that his unique style of teaching and exercises helped me earn my 12 medals in the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics.

    – Natalie Coughlin,
    Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

  • Tom's Pilates and Yoga program played a significant role in my success. He helped me move more efficiently in the water, avoid injuries, and improve my functional strength.

    – Misty Hyman,
    Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

  • The Center of Balance is a great place for people from all walks of life, for healthy individuals looking for core strength, for athletes, dancers, for people with injuries, people recovering from illness etc.

    – Sarah W

  • Thanks to working with terrific trainers at Center of Balance, I did not become exhausted wandering at the San Jose Jazz Festival last weekend and, literally, felt no pain.

    – Fran

  • After two babies, I suffered chronic hip pain that disappeared after strengthening my core and increasing flexibility through Tom's workout.

    – Rozanne D

  • The Center of Balance and its teachers helped change my life. Not only am I 20 lbs lighter with better tone and strength in my muscles, but I have learned more about the human body and how it works than I ever did in any science class.

    – Monica S

  • I've gained a greater understanding of Pilates including the core, breathing, and engaging of muscles. I leave class feeling stretched and as if I've worked, but also energized and aligned. I love it!

    – Hollie H

About Center of Balance

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Center of Balance is excited to be one of the first studios to enhance our movement program with the CoreAlign System.

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4 Teacher Training Passing the Torch

Take Our Teacher Training

Center of Balance has been a leading teacher training center since 2001, with Pilates mat & equipment and CoreAlign courses directed by Tom McCook.

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Upcoming Events & Updates


Advanced Workshop Series for Pilates Teachers

August 19, September 16, October 21, November 18

Early Bird Special - Register by July 1!

Register Online!

Understand, embody and improve your ability to assist positive change in yourself and others! This advanced teacher workshop series for Pilates instructors is an opportunity to upgrade your own movement practice and well-being and your effectiveness as a teacher of movement.

Learn to feel and teach the bone rhythms and muscle activations of the body in combination with Pilates Repertoire and corrective exercises. This approach to teaching movement will enhance your ability to improve function and give you powerful tools to assist your clients in life-long wellness. In addition to movement training, we’ll combine our time together with cultivating a meditation practice. PMA CECs available!

Each session will include:
•    Franklin Method lesson on the bone rhythms with direct application to relevant exercises in the Pilates environment
•    Exercises for tension release, improved posture and movement efficiency
•    Muscle activation exercises
•    Hands-on skills and effective cuing
•    Practice time and feedback
•    Mobility and corrective exercises
•    Resistance Stretching
•    Skillful progressions
•    Meditation

POT MV webJuly 23 & 24, 2016

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We're very excited to be hosting Balanced Body and Pilates-On-Tour this Summer at our brand new studio in Mountain View, CA! Balanced Body's conferences highlight vibrant Pilates communities and leading studios around the country and around the world. Join us at Center of Balance as we celebrate Pilates in the San Francisco Bay Area! Workouts, workshops and networking with friends and colleagues in a beautiful space will inspire your teaching and reignite your passion for the work you love. The program focuses on bringing the art and science of movement to life with classes on fascia, new choreography, mindful movement and deepening your teaching skills.

Presenters at this event include: Valentin, Blane Ashby, Madeline Black, Louise Johns, Elizabeth Larkam, Tom McCook, Nancy Myers, Portia Page, Joy Puleo, Erika Quest and Nora St. John.

Join us for a great weekend of learning, moving and fun!

For more information and to register, visit Balanced Body's website at: https://www.pilates.com/BBAPP/V/education/pilates-on-tour/2016-norcal.html


First Thursday of each month

12 pm - 1pm

Take Pilates class & help others!

Join us the first Thursday of every month for Tom’s Pilates Progression mat class and help support the important work of human rights, environmental and community development organizations! Center of Balance will donate 100% of money collected for class — plus any additional contributions — to Second Harvest Food Bank, Sierra Club and Oxfam America!

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Balanced Body Dealer Discount

Center of Balance is an official dealer for Balanced Body®. We can order any of their products at a discounted price.


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